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m_s_fuery [userpic]

Game Night

May 11th, 2009 (09:41 pm)

current mood: crazy

Title: Game Night
Rating: PG13
Type: Genderswitch, Yuri, Humor, Crack, Romance, very AU
Pairings: Fem!Roy/Fem!Ed
Warnings: None
Summary: Roy is working for the government and is hanging out with a new hire.  Ed starts visiting Roy to play games after work and un/interesting things happen. 

Now loading your crack fic...Collapse )

m_s_fuery [userpic]

Run, Ed, Run!

August 1st, 2007 (09:06 am)
current mood: accomplished

I've been in the mood to write some flash games lately and when I found this, I had to use it in something. XD

In this game, Ed is trapped in a room where falling milk bottles threaten to crush him. You must use the left and right arrow keys to make him dodge for as long as possible.
The game can be found here:

Run Ed Run!

My best so far is 48. ^_^'
Image used with permission (thanks incredisonic!).

If any artists out there have any ideas for FMA or other games and want to collaborate, just shoot me an email or LJ Message or comment here and we'll talk. ^_^

I think this took me about 10 hours of programming, and I'd say the programming itself is not bad- I like the movement speed and controls on Ed, and the collision detection is solid, if a little primitive.

Anyway, comments are appreciated, thanks!

m_s_fuery [userpic]

Proclivity: Spectacles

June 10th, 2007 (12:53 pm)

Story Title: Proclivity

Episode Title: Spectacles – 1

Rating: PG13

Word Count:  2,780

Summary: When Ed has a mishap and ends up needing glasses, he finds that Schezka starts acting differently towards him.


Author's Note:

This story started as a second attempt to venture into the fanfiction realm (the first was Alchemic Laser Tag).  This series explores an idea where characters/pairings are formed or destroyed by certain people's fetishes.  The stories are meant to be lighthearted and somewhat wacky, and the ones that I write personally will attempt to be kept PG-13. 


This first posted episode, ‘Spectacles’, was originally titled ‘Proclivity - Chapter 2: Spectacles’, with the idea that each chapter would be about a different fetish.  Chapter 1 was going to be about another fetish, and I wasn't sure when I would write it, and whether I would post it if I did.  Now, however, after learning more about fanfiction and what a 'pairing' is, I'm instead planning on continuing this story with its current pairing for perhaps 1-2 more chapters. 


I will continue with a new ‘Proclivity’ episode, which will likely have a different pairing, and be only vaguely connected, if at all, to the other ‘Proclivity’ episodes.  Thus, this story is now titled ‘Proclivity: Spectacles - Chapter 1’.  I hope you enjoy it and can help me out by pointing out the parts that you thought were the most exciting/interesting and the most boring.  Thanks! 


This is also an open invitation/call/challenge to send in/write up your own ideas for stories or full stories/one shots/drabbles that fall into this category.  If you would like to submit an idea, you can comment on this post, or email me.  If you would like to write a story for this series, nothing is required, but it'd be nice if you used the format Proclivity: (Your title) for the title and comment here or email me about it.  If you want to include a link here from your story, that'd be nice, too.  ^_^  

m_s_fuery [userpic]

Alchemic Laser Tag

June 6th, 2007 (07:01 pm)

Title: Alchemic Laser Tag
Rating: PG
Word Count: 730
Type: General, AU, humor?
Summary:  Ed and Mustang decide to try show who's the most skillful when the crew goes laser tagging.  Which one of them will get first place?

A/N: There are 3 pictures in the story, but they should be small enough that there shouldn't be a problem with loading.

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